InfraSolarium has a fantastic design that provides long wavelength infrared energy to the whole horse. The first pair of lamps are ideally placed such infrared light is targeted towards the neck muscles while ensuring that the horse can move its head. The next pair of lamps give effective treatment to the muscles along the spinal and hip area. The rear pair of lamps are directed towards the back of the thigh muscles: a frequent area of muscle stiffness. The two long lamps on each side target the outside of the shoulder and thigh area.

InfraSolarium can be used before heavy training or competitions to prevent injuries, as well as afterward to promote more rapid recuperation. InfraSolarium can also be used to dry the horse after washing.


– After heavy workouts or competition: 40 minutes
– Next day, before light workout, 20-30 minutes
– Winter season or under cold and blustery days:
– After light workouts: daily treatment 20-30 minutes
– Before heavy workouts or interval training: 20-30 minutes
– Stiffness or inflammation: 30-40 minutes
– Skin problems (such as fungus infections): 20-30 minutes daily