What is infrared light energy?

The majority of energy transmitted from the sun is in the form of infrared light energy. Infrared light consists of long wavelengths of energy and it is invisible to the naked eye.

Humans, animals and plants absorb infrared energy by direct contact. For example, when we stand in sunlight we feel warm…our body is absorbing the infrared energy. If a cloud passes over the sun, we feel immediately cooler. The air temperature is the same, but the cloud has blocked the infrared energy from reaching our skin.

Infrared energy warms the body through a process called conversion. Water molecules and organic substances easily absorb infrared energy because their resonant frequency is similar to the frequency found in infrared wavelengths. Because a horse’s body consists of 70% water the long wavelength infrared energy penetrates these organic elements to a depth of 5 cm. This results in a very even warming and soothing effect.

To be exposed to infrared energy over a long period is completely safe, contributes to better health and does not damage the skin. Long wavelength infrared light is used within the health sector to warm infants.

Infrared light must not be confused with UV (ultraviolet light), which can burn and damage the skin!